Kitchen Garden is a Pleon initiative to fully exploit social media and online techniques.

We believe social / online media can be very effective in achieving result in the fields of public relations, marketing and branding.

We believe that knowledge, skills and tool are an inevitable condition to be able to get these results.

KitchenGarden wants to provide tools, cases, models and figures for Pleon employees and Pleon clients.

The plan:

  • Weekly KitchenGarden Coffee Sessions
    Every Thursday morning there will be a short session in witch one tool or phenomenon will be shared.
  • Event Calendar
    We will keep you posted on a wealth of events to attend.
  • Project Control
    We will check all your projects on possible online efficiency improvement.
  • Blog
    We will keep you up to date on social media and other things happening around the internet.
  • Nerdie Sweatshop
    We will try to get some nerdie youngsters in da  house to help you keep up with the innovations and to create a online atmosphere.