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Session Eleven: Social Media & Brands

Recap of Session Eleven: Social Media & Brands

Above a very good example of a customer using social media (YouTube i.e.) to 'communicate with' a brand. There's different levels of social media usage:

Consume (low participation):
- Watch, read, listen
- Follow treads and comments in brand communities
- Read product reviews
- Play brand related games

Contribute (medium participation):

- Register as fan on a social network site
- Participate in discussions at brand communities
- React on brand related posts, tweets, blogs, pics and vids

Create (high participation, can be opinion leaders or trendsetters):

- Keep up (brand related) weblog
- Upload brand related images and vids
- Write reviews

You might ask yourself why do people do all this?

Need for information

Need for social interaction

Need for personal identity

Is a driver for all three, in short: it is fun to do