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Session Fifteen: Working Model Online PR

Session Fifteen: Working Model Online PR [model]

Public Relations (then)
- Strengthen mutual understanding and influence between organisation and its audience;
- Dialogue (only between consultants and press - send and receive);
- Monitoring issues (media).

Public Relations (now)
- Facilitate / stimulate word-of-mouth at online locations where the target audience can be found, in order to retain understanding and influence;
- Direct dialogue (end users - online);
- Listening / monitoring issues (media and online).

Model (tea company Pickwick was used as an example in this model)

Who > What > Where > How (much)

Whom to address?
    - office managers (occupation)
    - Indonesian people in NL (culture)
    - people questioning tea (topic)

What to embrace / counter?
    - topic > message > wording
    - questions (provide answers)
    - assumptions (counterfacts/confirm)

    1) (micro)blogs (Twitter, Werken 2.0, etc.)
    2) forums (Viva forum, Computable, etc.)
    3) social media (Hyves, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.)

How (much)
    - content
    - platform
    - team
    - tangible targets / results