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Session Fourteen: Hyves

Recap of Session Fourteen: Hyves [tool]

Very cool example of a Hyves campaign for 'Veilig Internetten' (safe internet use) which made it look like personal information was stolen from Hyves.nl by Russian mobsters. This campaign caused a lot of controversy.

Quick History
- Online since september 2004
- Joop van den Ende owns a large portion of the company since 2008
- July 2009 the site undergoes a big make-over, the sites looks less scrambled and more mature

Hyves in Numbers

- Hyves estimates they will hit 10 billion pageviews this year (2009), last year they had ‘only’ 5 billion
- According to recent reports (July 2009) Hyves has more than 9 million PERSONAL accounts. 5,5 million people log in monthly
- The average age is 27

Not convinced yet?
- 80% of 13 to 34 year olds use Hyves
- 46% of Dutch internetters between 35 and 49 use Hyves
- 30% of 50+ uses the social network.
- Hyves is more popular among higher educated people then lower educated. The ratio is 60% against 40%.

Top 5 Brands on Hyves in 2008

    1 H&M
    2 Björn Borg (and on #50 without the ‘ ö ’)
    3 G-Star
    4 Nike