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Session Eight: How to use LinkedIn

Recap of Session Eight: How to use LinkedIn [tools]
We look at the very basics of LinkedIn. How do you build a network? How do you use your network on a daily basis?

About LinkedIn
- Online social network
- Launched in May 2003
- Target audience: business people (average age: 41)
- Members worldwide: 47 million (september 2009), NL: 1.4 million
- Business model: paying for digging into profiles deeper / ads / HR
- Offices: US (California), London and Amsterdam

Tips for LinkedIn
- Improve connectibility by filling in your profile like a bio, in order to connect most efficiently
- Improve your Google PageRank by creating a public profile and customize the URL to your own name / drop it in e-mail
- Scope out the competition, customers, prospects, partners
- Be careful with recommendations

Decide why you use LinkedIn

- Following (clients)
- Virtual business card
- Build your knowledge / network
- Become opinion leader

Decide why you add someone

- Co-workers (who you see daily)
- Good friend (who you see often)
- People you have seen twice / once (business relations)
! Don’t add people you don’t know / that don’t know you directly

Jeffrey Visser,
15 Mar 2010, 02:26