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Session Four: GIS

Recap of Session Four: GIS [tool]
GIS. Geotagging. = connecting data to locations.

Data = phonebook (for example)
Locations = world, country, city, street, desk, mobile.

CBS Statline
+ Statistical data
+ All relevant Dutch data
+ Very detailed
+ Customizeble
+ Free
+ Very reliable

- Not very recent
- Not very simple

Google Earth & Google Maps
Earth = powerfull desktop application
Maps = browser

+ Most commonly used
+ Free
+ Great options

- Not as much controll over content as we would like
- Fuzzy interface

- Layar on your mobile phone (augmented reality)
- iPhone apps

+ Practical
+ Location sensitive (GPS)
+ Computer independent
+ Trendsetting

- Not available for every phone (mostly iPhone, Blackberry and HTC so far)
- Few users
- Complicated

What did we learn?
- CBS Statline contains a huge statistical database that you can access free of charge
- Make your OWN maps with Google Maps and add user reviews, photos and POI’s on the map
- Augmented reality puts a virtual layer over reality
- Layar shows you the price of a house on sale on your mobile phone

Jeffrey Visser,
15 Mar 2010, 02:26