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Session Seven: How to use Twitter

Recap of Session Seven: How to use Twitter [tool]
We look at the very basics of Twitter. What are tweets? How do you use hashtags? How should corporate / Pleon users communicate on Twitter?

Twitter vocabulary
Follow somebody is to subscribe to their messages
Tweet is an individual message
@username is a public message to or about an individual on Twitter
DM or direct message is a private message on Twitter (to be used only for close relationships)
RT or retweet is to repost a valuable message from somebody else on Twitter and give them credit
Shortened URLs To fit links into the short messages Twitter shrinks some URLs down automatically (see tinyurl.com)
Hashtag or the # symbol followed by a term and included in tweets—is a way of categorizing all the posts on a topic
Trending topics are the most-discussed terms on Twitter at any given moment

Before you dive in...
Step 1: search.twitter.com
Step 2: Your company
Step 3: Topics in your field

+ Create a network
+ Common interests, personalization, recommendations
+ Impersonate the brand
+ Be a character, show personality
+ Interact
+ Think twice about package message

- Use it only for links or spreading a news
- Be stiff
- Be intrusive
- Harass (take it like a flirt ♥♥♥)

Make sure you check out these videos (we showed them during the presentation) if you are new to Twitter.

Twitter in Plain English

Twitter Search in Plain English