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Session Three: Dell Sell

Recap of Session Three: Dell Sell [case]
We discussed how Dell made between 2 and 3 million dollar by online sales through Twitter.

Things we can learn from Dell
- one-2-one support / dialogue
- segmentation
- support communities / privileges
- crowd surfing
- cross market selling (tagging)
- power of reviews and ratings
- social media, forums, blogs (pr)

How to sell "the unrequested"
Dell started selling refurbished computers and laptops through @DellOutlet.
- give out coupons (for retail sales)
- announce clearance events
- information about new arrivals
- what, when, how many, at what price

This way @DellOutlet made more than 3 million dollar in 2009. This is not a whole lot compared to the overall Q1 2009 revenue of 12,3 billion dollar, but it was one of the first companies to really score on social media / Twitter. Over one million people follow @DellOutlet.

Dell does more with social and online media
At http://en.community.dell.com/ the giant offers:
- Forums
- Blogs
- Media Galleries
- Wiki's
- IdeaStorm

Where people can give their opinion about Dell products. The IdeaStorm site is even used  to get input from consumers and Dell then tells the community if they will take the ideas into consideration.