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Who needs a geek?

posted 5 Aug 2009, 04:27 by Mario Pedroli   [ updated 1 Sep 2009, 01:08 by Jeffrey Visser ]
Website, agenda, blog, file management, picture album? You can make it yourselves. Everyone has the power and you don't need knowledge about HTML. Key words: web based applications.

Funny. I can connect a database to a web page. Or write some script to make a web page look intelligent. But who needs me anymore? All over the web there are applications that can make your custom website, organize your data, keep track of you calendar, file your picture or play your favorite tunes. This site for example is made with Google sites. It is a content management system the lets you build your own site. And you can add as much intelligence as you like. In this site you will find a blog, custom made list, and widgets that let you use Twitter content and functionality. But there is an almost infinite list of tiny apps that can be added. Third parties develop them and hope to generate some traffic to their own site.
It is easy, just click around a bit and see what happens. And yes, you need a bit of a geeky attitude: don't stop if things look different than you expected.