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Fun with RFID

posted 23 Sep 2009, 14:07 by Mario Pedroli   [ updated 24 Sep 2009, 03:00 by Jeffrey Visser ]

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) tags are scary. They are everywhere. In your public transport card, your passport, electronic key, in animals and vehicles. And all this can be traced and indentified. So at PICNIC09 I met this guy with a RFID reader on his neck so he could be sure what was traced and what was not.

At PICNIC09 every visitor gets a RFID tag that connects to your profile on the event website.

That you also can have fun with these chips was proven by the hackers camp from MediaMatic. In just a couple of days these guys made a handful of applications that are really fun to use. One of these being the IkWin application. Two competitors have to stand in an open elevator. Their names are read from their tags and the popularity of both competitors on a social network or Google is measured. The one in the elevator that rises highest is the winner. Fun to do. The lesson is: things can be checked without you even knowing it.