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Google Sidewiki: a webcare nightmare

posted 29 Sep 2009, 07:53 by Jeffrey Visser   [ updated 1 Oct 2009, 07:43 ]
Google recently launched a new service called Sidewiki. The tool enables it's users (and users of Google Toolbar) to comment on websites in a sidebar, next to the website itself. It might seem like a lot of fun and because Sidewiki is very accessible, anyone can comment on any website, right now.

That's not so good news when you're a marketeer handling a clients crisis on Twitter, Facebook, the customer site, several messageboards and so on. Maybe the company gets a lot of negative attention in the press and you are trying to control the conversation. Let's say a certain company does not have many (online) options for customers to respond to their products or services: Sidewiki now gives them a place to spread their thoughts (positive and negative) whether the website's owner likes it or not.

So far Google does not enable site owners to block the possibility of a Sidewiki and many people do not find it very nice of the search engine giant to 'put a layer or sidebar' over their website. What are your thoughts?