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Google Social Search aims to make social networks more useful

posted 28 Oct 2009, 02:47 by Andrada Morar   [ updated 28 Oct 2009, 02:59 ]
The experimental Google Social Search service, which went live today, adds opinions from friends and others to information a search engine provides on products and services like a new restaurant or smartphone. The new service, created in Google Labs , adds a long-missing piece to the search pie.

Dan Olds, principal analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group, said the experimental new service has the potential to make social networking more useful. Olds noted that Google Social search is a good example of networks becoming more valuable as they get larger.

"Let's say that I'm looking for a new LCD TV," he added. "I'm researching models on the Web and happen to see some results pop up in my Social Search. Out of all of my contacts, it's pretty likely that a friend or acquaintance has bought a TV in the last year or so, and they're chock full of useful advice. The bigger my network is, the more potentially useful information it contains."