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Mobile and the rest of the world

posted 8 Sep 2009, 07:54 by Mario Pedroli   [ updated 22 Sep 2009, 00:59 by Jeffrey Visser ]
MoMo is the gathering of the who is who's from the mobile industry on Monday, somewhere in the world. Somewhere being De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam Monday September 7. Subject: mobile in emerging countries. Most important lesson: in many places in the world mobile is the first widely spread interactive connectivity. Radio is still the way to spread one way mass communication but since current is not guaranteed and fibre for Internet is not available, wireless mobile connection is the only affordable means of bi directional communication. So please stop charity said Mariéme Jamme (Africa gathering), money feeds corruption. Give us tools and education to organise our own lives and business. And guess what, mobile banking is biggest in Africa, because people do not have an address. They simply transfer money by text messages. It is a fully developed banking system we should be jealous of.

Asia is different. Nowadays a data infrastructure does no longer mean underground cables underneath. Wimax (wireless broadband) is the way to cover the nation. And because there is no need for a wired device our standard data interface (the computer) is not standard at all in some Asian countries.

And did you know that more than the half of the world population has access to a mobile phone?