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Never waste a good crisis

posted 23 Sep 2009, 13:26 by Mario Pedroli   [ updated 23 Sep 2009, 13:32 ]

PICNIC09 at the Amsterdam Westergasfabriek takes the world serious and especially the financial crisis. What can we learn from it and how can we do better. “Don’t trust the leaders,” says Anthony Citrano, “they will tell you the problems is over and start making the same mistakes again and again.” Sure, but what’s next?

Local currencies might help out in some cases. It will circulate only in the direct environment and hence enforce the local economy. The Lewes Pound in Lewes (UK) is a working and well documented example an lot of other local currencies exist.

More fun is the Bijlmer Euro. A RFID tag is taped to a Euro bill. Shops have readers or even your own phone may have a reader. This way the transfer of the bill can be mapped and draw on a website. It draws a money network, and because the bill is marked Bijlmer Euro people will treed it as ‘their’ money all the way.

Local currency might also be a way to help the province of Noord Holland to a more local economy and local awareness.