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Social networks out of control

posted 27 Sep 2009, 13:07 by Mario Pedroli   [ updated 27 Sep 2009, 13:09 ]
Social networks are based on trust and will need filters.

Some things picked up from Gerd Leonhard at PicNic09: Open is the word. Open source, open network, open doors. It means an immense energy getting unleashed. And if managed well it means profit. But it also means chaos, not being in control. As a brand you can not control the social media. But you can behave in a way that people trust and they might even share things with you. Like their preferences or idea’s for improvement. The future will be an extreme reputation economy. Trust is the key word. Sharing the business model. Get used to it.

And since the amount of information is enormous, filtering that information will be a key task. Of whom? Of the one you trust. And that can or might be your company.

Presentatie Gerd Leonhard